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Stop Recency Bias Once and for All

Institutions in the cryptocurrency market preys on your susceptibility to Recency Bias by manipulating the cryptocurrency market right under your nose. They are preying on our instincts and susceptibility to recency bias.

Don’t let this happen to you any more; put a stop to recency bias once and for all. Institutions will forever manipulate the financial market, but it doesn’t have to be at our expense. We are smart enough crypto traders and investors to not allow crypto market manipulation to affect us, and the one way we can do so is by becoming aware of Recency Bias Prevention and Market Manipulation Detection. If we know what these two culprits are and how we can control them, then we can prevent them from inflicting losses on our cryptocurrency portfolio.

Institutions manipulate the public by manipulating the financial markets, just so they can take our money; don’t let this happen to you. Become aware of Recency Bias Prevention and Market Manipulation detection and join me in support of the one and only Recency Bias Prevention Initiative, designed to help Dogecoin traders avoid the pitfalls of Recency Bias and Market Manipulation.


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