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Wyckoff Chart Patterns Used in Dogecoin Market Manipulation

This is a Wyckoff Distribution Chart used by Institutional Investors to Manipulate Dogecoin Prices. The Wyckoff Chart Patterns are notorious tools used by Market Manipulators to manipulate Financial markets and now they are using this pattern of trading in the Cryptocurrency market. The best way for retail traders to end up on the winning side of trades in the cryptocurrency market is to control their own psychology. It is on this premise that the Recency Bias Prevention Initiative was founded. Please join us in bringing awareness to the detrimental effects of Recency Bias and Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation on our Dogecoin portfolio and other Cryptocurrency portfolios. Learn to avoid the pitfalls of Recency Bias and Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation by joining our Recency Bias Prevention Crypto Investor Community.

The article below will describe how Recency Bias and Market Manipulation in the Cryptocurrency market work, we will used Dogecoin as an example. Enjoy!

Spotting a Reversal before It Happens

What does “Spotting a Reversal before it Happens”

have to do with Recency Bias and Market Manipulation?

Written by Glenford Robinson

If after a major uptrend or downtrend, an increase in volume does not fit the expected direction of the major trend, a reversal is on the horizon.

So, for example, Dogecoin over the past couple of weeks, has been hitting all-time highs, and you noticed that there has been a huge increase in trading volume (the number of trades that have been transacted) over the past 4 to 24 hours, but the price of Dogecoin hasn’t increased.

Dogecoin’s price dipped lower, in spite of the increase in trading volume (the number of trades that have been transacted). This tells us that big players in the market have begun to sell Dogecoin, thus stumping the price and stopping Dogecoin’s price from going higher despite an increase in trading volume.

The above scenario usually happens around the time short selling hedge funds or big shorts publish negative news about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. They target Bitcoin and publish news about Bitcoin because Bitcoin represents the entire crypto market at the present time.

Short selling hedge funds make money when the price of Bitcoin goes down. They usually republish an old topic, such as China cracking down on Bitcoin trading or crypto trading as a whole, while the truth is that China has begun banning Crypto a few years ago, but big shorts bring it up when they want to manipulate the crypto market by inducing panic selling among retail traders.

In 2013 China banned banks from handling Bitcoin, and followed up this ban by banning initial coin offerings in 2017. So, how come we still reading articles and hearing news broadcast about China banning crypto currency trading as if this had happened two minutes ago? Yeah, that is my point.

Big shorts will look for any little variant of the same old story about China banning crypto currency to through you off into panic selling mode.  This is market manipulation at its finest. Retail traders fall victim to this type of market manipulation causing them to slip into the strongest emotional state of them all, fear; such emotional states cause us to be extremely impulsive, panicky and fearful with our Dogecoin, Bitcoin, or other crypto currency holdings.

Recency Bias now begins to trick us and will eventually separate us from our Dogecoins. What is Recency Bias? Recency Bias and Market Manipulation prevent us from becoming Dogecoin millionaires every time we become victims of these two culprits. Don’t let this happen to you.

Join our Recency Bias Prevention Initiative. The Recency Bias Prevention Initiative helps Dogecoin investors and other crypto investors become aware of Recency Bias and Market Manipulation and how to prevent these two culprits from wreaking havoc on our Dogecoin and cryptocurrency portfolios.

Recency Bias is one of the cognitive biases or cognitive blind spots in human psychology. This particular bias, called Recency Bias, causes us humans to put greater importance on recent events over historic and future ones. This bias used to work very well for us as early humans in protecting us from wild animals with big canines.

At that time, the most important survival trait was to put the utmost importance in avoiding any animal with extremely long sharp tooth because we thought that these animals would continue to bite us forever, long tooth, long time. It is still a false fabrication of reality. You can see where I am going with this. However, in financial markets, such a bias as no significant benefits only detriments. How can an animal with long sharp teeth bites into a caveman’s flesh without ever letting go? However, that’s what a bias is; some baseless premonition that is most often very false.

Recency Bias’s only purpose in the financial market is to cause us to lose money as a result of impulsive quick decisions. I have experienced this, first hand, and it doesn’t feel good. If Recency Bias doesn’t cause you to lose money immediately, it will undoubtedly cause you to miss-out on opportunities presented later-on in the market.

So, patience is a virtue when it comes to overcoming Recency Bias. The ability to react slowly to current market-conditions in this context, will help Dogecoin traders and other crypto traders become millionaires.

Do not initiate a Dogecoin trade today because of a current event or an event that occurred today. Your trading plan should’ve already been made long before the market-event presented itself. Unless you had already made plans to do a particular thing if a particular price presented itself in the market, you should not do anything.

Recency Bias causes us to erroneously believe that the current trend in the Dogecoin market will continue forever. So, if the market spikes higher on an Elon Musk tweet, we will erroneously believe that Dogecoin will continue to rise higher forever. Right?

For the sake of your investment portfolio, from this day on; I am commanding you to condemn the word “bias” because this word called, “bias” exemplifies some cognitive construct that is completely false and has no solid truthful concrete basis. So, if you are biased about a particular thing, your bias is completely baseless and false. Not real.

We can apply this to any facet of our daily lives. Think about all those biases that you have conjured-up over the years about people who don’t look like you? Ah! This is a topic for another day!   

How to turn Recency Bias and Market Manipulation in your favor, so they can benefit you financially instead of causing you pain from missed opportunities and financial losses?

So, in our title, “Spotting Reversal Before It Happens” fits right into our cognitive biases. We think that the price of Dogecoin will continue to go up because the price has been going up, so why should our faulty human brain think otherwise?

We also think that because the volume is rising higher that should also mean that the price of Dogecoin should also go up forever. Right? Not so! This is how smart money plays with our minds and takes our Dogecoins from us at discount prices because we sell low and buy high, thinking that the trend is going to continue in its current direction.

Don’t let this happen to you. Join the Recency Bias Prevention Initiative, so you can avoid the pitfalls of Recency Bias and Market Manipulation.

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Understanding how our primal instincts are making us lose in the financial markets. Join the Recency Bias Prevention Initiative, so you can avoid the pitfalls of Recency Bias and Crypto Market Manipulation

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