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Market Manipulators Slowing Down the Market to Keep you from Buying Low

Have you notice how slow the Crypto market has been travelling? Yes, this is by design, willfully carried out by large professional investment banks and other cryptocurrency market manipulators. These large market manipulators want you, the retail investor, to sell your cryptos and get out of the market, so they can hold the market at a low price for as long as possible, so they can build up their long positions (push the price up by buying); then when they push the market up to all-time highs, they encourage you to get back into the market by buying. In order to do this, they release positive news about crypto currency mainly bitcoin, saying that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 before the end of the year, so you can buy high and they can sell high to you.

After the crypto market manipulators, sell cryptos to you at a very high price, the market will start to go down because they are the ones who moves the market by buying and selling.  When they buy, the market goes up, and when they sell, the market goes down. So, after they sell to you and you notice that the market starts to drop lower, you start to panic, saying to yourself that you don’t want to lose your money; So, you sell. You have just fallen victim to Recency Bias. You just lost your money because you sell at a lower price than you bought.

This happened to you because you allowed Recency Bias to cloud your judgement. You changed your plans based on what the market started to do. Never do that. You did this because you wanted to follow or trade based on recent or current information. Don’t let Recency Bias cause you to go broke and lose your cryptos. So, join us in support of our crypto investor community Recency Bias Prevention Initiative and market manipulation detection by big investment banks. For the sake of your Dogecoin, help bring awareness to Recency Bias and Market Manipulation by big investment banks.

Professional Financial Institutions participating in the cryptocurrency market work together to manipulate the cryptocurrency market. Have you notice that when the price of Bitcoin drops, prices of all other cryptocurrencies drop also? Why is that? That is straight institutional collusion in the crypto market. They are all in on it. They are all trading against us the retail trader. Don’t let them con you out of your crypto. This is a game that we can’t afford to lose. Control your own mind by practicing Recency Bias Prevention.

Don’t let financial institutions participating in the crypto market control the narrative. They are all publishing crypto news articles to manipulate you and discourage you from doing what they don’t want you to do. When they want you to sell your Dogecoin, Shiba, or Bitcoin they will discourage you from buying and when they want you to buy, they will discourage you from selling.  Don’t fall for their tricks.

Exerpts from Recent Tweets

The #Dogecoin trading range has drastically decreased over the last 24 hours. This is probably a sign of something big on the horizon. I wonder what could it be? Based on recent news articles, the direction of the crypto market is becoming clearer and clearer. The news about crypto have been mostly negative. This tells you what this means. At this moment, they want you to sell your #Dogecoin and get out of the market, so they can continue to by Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies at discount prices, so they release negative news articles about crypto.

Posted July 10, 2021 @9:19 am

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